Welcome to kong!
We are a young manufacturer of handmade
hookah bowls. Kong has been on the market for only 4 years, but has already managed to win the hearts of hookah lovers around the world.
The driving force of the company are
experienced masters and a creative approach to creating design. The task of Kong is to immerse you in the world of the jungles, introduce you to the elements of nature and famous movie characters.
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exclusive bowls
Kong has 12 models of custom hookah

bowls in different ranges and more than 50 models designed by our customers and produced by kong.
after the whole work the company has
done, kong can say with confidence that nothing is impossible, and our masters are ready for the most difficult tasks and experiments.
7 facts
about manufacture
KONG also has author's models of bowls in its collection. The master works individually on each bowl according to your design.
Firing in professional kilns reaches the temperature of more than 1200 degrees.
Many KONG bowls go through the milking stage for a deep black color and special smoking properties.
The bowl does not absorb the smells of used tobacco.
The percentage of moisture absorption of the bowl is close to ZERO. (The bowl will not consume the juice and will retain its original appearance for a long time).
KONG bowls go through up to 12 manual processing steps and several firings.
В линейке чаш KONG есть авторские модели. Над каждой чашей индивидуально работает мастер по вашему техническому заданию.
Kong has an idea in every product. In our products you can see the meaning or story associated with animals, characters or elements.
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